7 Do’s and Don’ts Every Woman Needs To Know before Seeking Waxing Services

Many people desire to have a smooth skin. During summer, the need seems to double. Waxing is undoubtedly the best way to get a smooth youthful skin. However, you can get an infection if an inexperienced beautician waxes you. Fortunately, we’ve gathered seven do’s and don’ts every woman needs to know before waxing.

Do purchase an at-home waxing kit

Waxing at home minimizes the possibility of getting an infection compared to getting waxed at a spa. You are in charge of your hands’ hygiene and that of your surroundings. You need to be comfortable with the products that you choose. It enables you to get optimum results. Wash your hands with detergent once you are ready to start the procedure. Sometimes, waxing creates tiny tears in your skin. It may make you susceptible to infections.

It’s wise to sanitize your waxing tools with alcohol. Remove all equipment in your wax kit and clean them properly. After waxing, discard all disposable materials in your package to hinder any bacterial growth.

Do avoid using drying products when waxing

Different people have varying skin sensitivity levels. Products containing exfoliating components or retinol can increase your skin’s sensitivity. Extreme skin sensitivity can result in skin burns. It’s recommended to stop using particular prescription retinoid such as alpha hydroxyl acid and exfoliating scrubs a week before waxing.

Do take an anesthetic

Waxing a delicate body part including armpits, eyebrows and your bikini area may be painful. It’s prudent to make an OTC anesthetic to numb the target area. Alternatively, you can place an ice cube on the area shortly before you start waxing. A pain reliever such as acetaminophen aids in reducing pain from waxing. Once you finish the hair removal process, use an aloe cream that has no alcohol to minimize itchiness. Alternatively, use another ice cube.

Do consult your doctor if a burning sensation persists for long

Usually, the burning sensation dissipates within 24 hours. If it continues or you notice any swelling or pus discharge on the waxed area, it’s advisable to schedule an appointment with your dermatologist urgently.

Don’t go to the gym shortly after waxing

Sweating may facilitate spreading of bacteria to your newly waxed body part. Reschedule your workout plan. Avoid wearing tight garments such as yoga pants and spandex after a bikini wax. The friction between your thighs may cause acne or severe irritation.

Don’t fail to research on your preferred spa or salon

If it’s your first time to undergo waxing, it’s recommended to consult experts and get recommendations from friends. They may suggest a legitimate salon which they trust. You can also perform an online research from different sites such as Yelp. It helps you get feedback from other clients. After selecting a particular spa, you can ask the esthetician to replace sheets or seat covers. Also, ensure they wash their hands properly to avoid infecting you.

Don’t wax shortly before or during your menses

During menstruation, your body is highly sensitive to pain. Waxing during this period may adversely affect your health. Instead, wax a week or two before your period.

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